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Above photo of Bomb in 1990 by Ann Stauder. Left to right: Michael W. Dean, Tony Fag, Douglas Arthur Hilsinger, Jay Morgan Crawford

Michael Dean from Bomb's new music: BipTunia

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Krist Novoselic from Nirvana talking about his and Kurt Cobain's love of Bomb.

2023 interview / article about Bomb

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Bomb’s album “HITS OF ACID” (1988). Forensic Remaster and Restoration by Jack Endino in 2021.

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Other out-of-print Bomb records (we don't have MP3s, try eBay for the vinyl):

Lucy in the Sky with Desi (best of)

Happy All The Time

18-minute Bomb song you've never heard.
It's very cool, and it's 18 MINUTES LONG.
"If I Were A Girl".


video of Bomb: All My References Are Dead - Live 9/11/1999

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Michael W. Dean 2015 interview about Bomb


CDs Eps & LPs:

* To Elvis In Hell, Boogadigga LP, (1987)
* Hits of Acid, Boner Records LP & Cass, (1988)
* Happy All The Time, Boner Records, LP & Cass (1989)
* Lucy In The Sky With Desi, Boner/Revolver CD & LP, (1990)

* Hate-Fed Love, Reprise/Warner Brothers Records, LP, (1992)
* Lovesucker, Wingnut Records, EP, (1999)

7" Single:

* Personal Jesus/Nineteen, [Rave Records] German ltd 7" single

Compilation Appearances

JDs Top Ten Homocore Hit Parade Tape (1990)
Song : Bomb - B/E/A/F/A/G

Thrasher Explicit Sk8rok Vol 10 CD(1991) Track #19 : Bomb - Nineteen

Trademark of Quality - Warner Bros. Promo CD(1992) Track #11: Bomb - Nineteen

Heck On Wheels - Warner Bros. Promo CD (1992)
Track #10 : The Power of Suggestion

CMJ presents Certain Damage Vol 43 (1992)
Track #18 Bomb : All My References are Dead

Bomb, was the name of an acid fueled San Francisco based hard rock band started in the late 80's. They toured extensively, released several albums, including one on Warner/Reprise in 1992, but began their career with a vinyl only LP on their own Boogadigga Records in 1987 entitled "To Elvis In Hell".

The band were known for intense music & wild onstage antics and occasional nudity featuring diminuitive, deranged, drugged & demonically caterwauling singer/bassist Michael W. Dean. The guitars were a squall of affected and eerie riffs provided by Jay Crawford & Doug Hilsinger, with explosive drumming that was ominously thunderous, repetitive and tribal via the pounding of Tony Fag ( aka Short). Their first LP caught the attention of Rock and Roll Confidential scribe and historian Dave Marsh, as well as a slew of indie zines and punk rock fans across the American heartland where they toured. They signed to Bay Area based Boner Records in 1988 who put out "Hits of Acid" on vinyl and cassette, followed up in 1989 with "Happy All The Time" a vinyl & cassette EP. They were one of San Francisco's most popular local acts outdrawing local faves like Primus, Chris Isaak and 4 Non Blondes, and worked out a European deal with Gary Held's Revolver to release "Lucy In The Sky With Desi" in 1990, the band's first CD combining material from both earlier Boner releases.

While on tour in Germany the band recorded a cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus", released as a ltd edition 7" in Europe, and on a Thrasher Skate Rock compilation stateside. In 1991, they attracted the attention of former Jane's Addiction manager Charley Brown, who got the band a deal with the Warner Bros. side imprint Reprise, originally founded by Frank Sinatra. The CD/Cass that resulted was "Hate Fed Love" ponderously produced in Brooklyn by world music remix czar Bill Laswell. Lack of tour support, non-existent radio & retail promotion, infighting, spiraling speed and heroin use all doomed the band. They broke up in 1993, but eventually emerged out of rehab & ruin to play some celebratory San Francisco shows in the late 1990's and released a fan farewell CD only EP called "Lovesucker" on indie Wingnut records.


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In January of 1998, The four original members of BOMB (Michael W. Dean, Tony Fag, Jay Morgan Crawford and Hilsinger) put aside their collective Love-Hate to perform a benefit concert for a friend who had just returned from a coma.

It was their first appearance in five years, and the sold-out crowd at the Cocodrie in San Francisco were all blurting superlatives for weeks, no joke. Us who saw it were all a-wiggle for a very long time.Those opiate-thick, bad trip, hard-ass, hippy-with-a-gun, jungle juice-pretty-and-evil lullabies crept into our collective blood like herpes and healthfood and hepatitis and stayed there.

The album they recorded that week (before clanging back to their respective countries, families and offices; girls, boys and gutters) is coming out January 19, 1999 and I'm gonna party like a new bomb record's out. Lovesucker includes not only four new tunes but the never-released-in-America Personal Jesus record and No Color in Utah from their long-out-of-print first album, To Elvis in Hell (which, for a while, was available at used record stores in the "where are they now" file for fifty cents or fifty dollars depending on random wafts of the free-market system.)


Michael Dean from Bomb's podcast, FREEDOM FEENS


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1990 photo of Bomb by Ann Stauder

Left to right: Tony Fag, Michael W. Dean, Douglas Arthur Hilsinger (not shown, Jay Morgan Crawford)

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