Michael W. Dean on DIY Filmmaking – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



Michael W. Dean is interviewed on his own show by Andreas Siege for an upcoming filmmaking book. Topics include ALL art, but with a focus on filmmaking.

Andreas Siege: http://www.kaluluentertainment.com/

Questions Michael answered:

1) What is the most important advice you have for someone who wants to make a DIY film?
a)The second most important advice?
b)The third.
2)What was the biggest obstacle you faced when making your first film?
a) How did you overcome this obstacle?
b)Which stage of filmmaking is the most difficult for a DIY filmmaker?
3)What were your personal motivations for making your first film?
a)Who/what was your biggest inspiration?
4)How do you define DIY film?
a)How is DIY filmmaking different from traditional filmmaking?
5)Why is the DIY film movement important?
a)Where do you see it going?
6)Why should prospective DIY filmmakers make their own film?
a)Is it worth it?