Remaster experiment of one song from my old band, Bomb


It’s “Because Tiffany Feels”, pulled off vinyl by Krist Novoselic on a good turntable. Krist sez, “The cartridge is a Stanton 500. It’s not a high-end device, but I like the sound.”

I’m remastering the album off the vinyl, tapes are long gone, and they’re tapes. 16-track tapes.

I’m gonna live with this for a few days before I do the rest of the album… And have a few people play it on different systems.

Removed a couple bad clicks by hand, redrawing over them in SoundForge with a pen tool. lol. Left a few clicks in at the start because vinyl.

Did some mastering in LMC.

Did some EQ in Reaper. What do you think, anything overdone on y’alls system, or good?

Need a few folks to give me your opinion on this remaster of one song from my old band, Bomb. Don’t have to have a good system, I want to know how it sounds on all systems.

This album was recorded on 16-track tape at Inner Ear Studio in 1989. Mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, on Boner Records.

Don’t need it compared to the original, just how does it stand on its own, you know, compared to music.

Or if you need a reference, compared to music out recorded and mixed in 3 days analog on an album budget of 2000 dollars in 1989?

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I turned bass frequencies up some. The bass guitar is loud enough in the mix, but I never thought there was enough bass range (bass drum, bass guitar) overall in the mix.

But was harder on vinyl than to do now. Too much bass and the needle skips. Unless you put a quarter on the needle and shred your collection.

Since I don’t have the master tapes, it’s not the most optimal remix. But it’s like you’re hanging out with me and Krist, he’s DJing, and I’m playing with the parametric the EQ.

2 thoughts on “Remaster experiment of one song from my old band, Bomb”

  1. I like the song. Listening on an old HP laptop, so I can’t comment much on the sound, except that it sounds good to me.

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