Libertarians: Don’t quit your day job! – Freedom Feens radio episode



Feens site is down at the moment, but this is one reason I have websites on different servers. SO, I know y’all need the new Feens episode for your morning commute, so here it is.

Michael W. Dean, Dianna Keiler and Jeremy Hizenburger talk about what REALLY happened this season on “Mr. Robot”, how Blue Oyster Cult broke MWD’s heart TWICE, why J. Neil Schulman needs to accept Bitcoin and quit whining and quit resting on his laurels and get a day job like the rest of us for chripessake even Einstein had a day job and you’re not him, The Monero Fluffy Pony FTL interview including “THAT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS”, Big Head Press, cats, worms, space, anti-Semitic people who bug Michael, how “Narcos” is totally Shakespearean at times, and SO much more.