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Bill Buppert and Michael Dean are joined by color commentator Mark Schisler to discuss fun things like no-budget high-quality DIY liberty media (Asymmetrical Information Warfare), Porcfest, guns, cop roaches, fun, joy, food, Ukraine weaponry, and this is the only talk radio show in the USA today with absolutely nothing about Ft. Hood.

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4 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Information Warfare – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. I always love Bill Buppert’s view on the world! The improvised Ukrainian weapons are fascinating; the flails in particular. In some book on medieval warfare I read years ago there where accounts of peasants using flails to take out armored knights using flails which was the equivalent of destroying a tank.

  2. I loathe that song by Louis Armstrong. Never cared for his voice, but great trumpet player.

    Lost Highway is a good soundtrack, in my opinion, with a fair amount of instrumental tracks.

    I constantly am listening to SOMETHING while working, whether freedom podcasts or music.

    HUGELY agree about posting pics etc about your firearms. DUMB! I always want to comment to peeps on the Facebook that it’s a bad idea, but I already say so much self righteous stuff on there.

    I always wondered what that noise was (notification sound). It sounds like the beginning of the “Log!” ad on Ren & Stimpy….

    Fun to hear your voice Canadian (that sounds American) Mark!

    Good show!

  3. I’ve never enjoyed insomnia before! I felt like a tiny little book between two gigantic bookends, but it was a good time nonetheless.

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