Lousander Feen and Nikki Darling rock the mic – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



The Internet in Wyoming is powered by an antelope running on a wheel chasing a hamster. The hamster got mentally ill and required treatment for 5 hours, so the antelope took a nap. Therefore, Michael W. Dean couldn’t get on to do the show with Lousander. So in the sink-or-swim teaching hospital tradition of MWD’s grand plan for churning out an endless supply of experienced liberty media hosts, Nikki Skyped in and did the show with Lou.

They did a great job, did not sink, and a good time was had by all.

Topics include Detroit Threat Management:


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5 thoughts on “Lousander Feen and Nikki Darling rock the mic – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. “Milhouse” definitely had to go for such crappy phone audio!

    Lousander and Nikki.. Thank you for your service in keeping the hamsters moving forward. If Lou does a podcast of his own, I’ll definitely listen.

    Nikki’s comment about not being shocked and wanting to be was a bit shocking to me in itself. Upon hearing about the Fort Hood shooting, my reaction was an eye roll and “Let me guess.. Gun free zone?”

    It is a sad reflection on society that we are so desensitized to these tragedies. I believe that is a large part of what’s wrong with the world.

    I could launch into a rant about the news media and it’s desensitizing effect, but the point has been made many times already.

    Well done to Lou and Nikki, and to Michael for the Decentralized Worm Torrent.

    1. Thanks, Mark and Bernie. I am hoping to have the podcast going real soon. I still have some tech stuff that I have to work out on my own. Should be in the next week or so.

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