6 thoughts on “Macho Libertarian Flash it NOT Brutalism – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. Dianna – You mentioned that you are training to become a yoga instructor. I have anecdotal experience concerning yoga and shooting. I have been regularly teaching beginning pistol shooting classes for about 15 years. Among the students who had never shot before was one who was by far better than any other student we have ever had. After her first day she was shooting better than many on the club’s bulls eye team. After the class I asked her about prior experience and she said that she was a yoga instructor. I can see how yoga would be good cross training since much of shooting is getting your conscious mind out of the way and calming your body. I have heard long distance rifle target shooting called loud meditation and when I was doing some competitive shooting I started practicing some meditation that I had not done much of for over 20 years. It did help.

    I live in NH and I was at Liberty Forum. I might have seen you but if so I don’t remember. I enjoyed hearing you on the show.

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