Davi Barker Tells Why There’s No Problem With The Free Rider Problem – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



Davi Barker explains how he is a free rider on gun totin’ friends and it ain’t no thang. They also discuss the TSA messing with Davi’s special place, how Kurt Cobain wanted to be Michael Dean when he grew up, and the joys of the Karel Rule. Also, Bill Buppert calls in with an update about his health.

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2 thoughts on “Davi Barker Tells Why There’s No Problem With The Free Rider Problem – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. Ah, the TSA and Security Theater.

    Somebody I know was flying, and transferred in Atlanta. Before going through the metal detector, he started to remove his watch, knowing it would set it off. A Security Theater performer, also known as TSA, yelled at him to NOT take his watch off, after which, who would have thought? He set off the metal detector!

    When asked by TSA flunky #2 why he had his watch on, he pointed out that flunky #1 told him to leave it on. #2 rolled his eyes, and instructed the weary traveller to remove the watch, and the metal detector was silent.

    After that, he sat in a waiting lounge where flunky #1 sat across from him and glared.

    Even if one believes that this security is necessary, shouldn’t it have something that resembles competence?

    I know.. I’ll get the mermaid riding the unicorn to move the bitcoins for me!

  2. Heart attacks, you’ll get clusters of those all the time. It’s sort of a more gruesome version of the birthday paradox.


    The real propeller heads in the group can apply the actuarial tables for cranky old men in their 40s-50s to figure the odds per year of a heart attack cluster.


    Now, if you want for sure tragedy, I have the recipe for my habenaro death chili somewhere. Loads of pork sausage flavored goodness, wonderful going down, but leaving the body, not so wonderful. Pretty good odds several someones would sprain vocal cords due to the side effects. Or I could just post the recipe on a bunch of liberty forums, and let the one uppers turn it weapons grade. 😉

    My ham, jalapeno, bacon, and sriracha turkey stuffing though, I’m pretty sure you could take out North Korea with that one. Maybe I’ll save that for the Peace and Liberty Fest. It could also make up the lethal core for some spinach/cucumber wraps.

    Now why would anyone over 35 be dumb enough to eat something so obviously lethal? Male pride is a funny thing, if they see the 20 something spicy food addicts doing eating something, they’ll try it. No matter how sure the odds of them dying a horrible horrible lingering death, for about 36 hours until it clears the digestive system. 😀

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