Cutting through the freedom fence – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



Michael W. Dean and Lousander Feen talk about what takes them outside the slave state to their happy place.


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5 thoughts on “Cutting through the freedom fence – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. VERY good tip regarding tipPING!

    I tried to pay for my chiropractor visit yesterday with a silver eagle but they wouldn’t accept it. I carry a couple around with me all the time just in case someone will accept it for a good/service.

    I recently read that gold and silver are no threat to the Fed b/c people typically hoard it and don’t use as currency. Whereas Bitcoin IS being used/accepted etc..

  2. I used to be a regular at a knife fighting seminar called The Riddle Of Steel that took place in Hell’s Canyon in Idaho/Oregon and involved a long jet boat ride to a resort in the canyon. The last one was in 2007 and as we where leaving the woman who was checking to make sure everyone got all their stuff off the boat said something like, “I really want to thank you all, my boss had me convinced you where a bunch of psycho’s but you’re the nicest, most polite people we’ve had all summer and you tip really well! Most of the tourists are cheap jerks!”
    Being good to the people who are taking care of you really makes a good impression.

  3. “Turn in your gun day” in Michigan is typically when you have too many old beater single shots(12/20ga, .22LR, etc) and someone’s kid, or occasionally an adult, is going through hunter safety. It’s a sacrifice necessary to keep someone else’s pump or semi-auto, tarted out to hell and back gun from taking a trip into one of Michigan’s endless mud fields, swamps, lakes, streams, etc.

    From this point, it’s a race to the finish. Will the kid mow enough lawns to take that trip to Dunham’s(popular sporting goods store in MI) and get themselves a mil-surplus rifle, or a low end pump, or will the person who donated the gun break down, visit a gun show, and fill the “empty slot” in their gun storage area with something a little too expensive such as a Benelli M2 with holosite?

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