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Michael W. Dean and Nikki Darling discuss vaping, making your own vape, and why family members who aren’t libertarian think libertarian family members are mentally ill because they don’t want to submit to, and fund, tyranny.

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My one-stop shop for making my juice:
Never mix juice without a mixing calculator — found here and a lot of great DIY info:
and a great place to save money on electronics is:

Get the great inexpensive mic our co-hosts use:

Creamy Radio Audio (caviar sound on a cat food budget) is HERE.

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One thought on “Vape your way to freedom – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. Y’all were talking about vape shops and how cool they tend to be. I have a local one too, and they basically talked me into a full vape system (instead of the Blue-type I had been using) just because they were so nice and so passionate about what they do. Now we’re buds and planning motorcycle rides together. Next I’ll be talking them into accepting Bitcoin at their fine establishment! 😀

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