Turn over your Honey Badger badge! – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean invent a new libertarian tradition, live on the air.

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4 thoughts on “Turn over your Honey Badger badge! – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. Several years ago there was a Garfield cartoon that showed him watching TV and the dialog was something like “We have devised a series of tests to determine which is smarter: cats or dogs.”
    “How are the tests going?”
    “The dogs are scoring very well.”
    “And the cats?”
    “They refuse to participate in the tests.”
    Garfield gave a thumbs up.

  2. I noticed that when I come through michaeldean.bit.no.com the episode player doesn’t load.

    1. First, it’s
      (you forgot the W),

      second, that’s because the player plugin we have is hard coded for the .com
      if you use MeowBit, you’ll still get that issue, but the download link will work. At least on freedomfeens.bit
      I forget if I got around to adding the code to make it work on this site (I have like 30 websites, zero time and lose money on the .bit project.) If my dot-com site’s got droned, I’d get the dot-bit stuff all up and running 100%. It is on the feens site. I have to prioritize time for now.

      As I wrote on the About page, the proxy is “training wheels for dot-bit”, not a replacement for MeowBit dot-bit.


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