Washington DC, defending the country from freedom since, forever – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



Michael W. Dean and Davi Barker wonder if the creator of Star Trek should be on the SPLC’s watch list, and other nifty thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Washington DC, defending the country from freedom since, forever – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. I’m with Ben. I cheated in school at times, without feeling bad about it, then or now.

    With great difficulty, I’ll resist the urge to rant, and just say that teachers, with very few exceptions, earned my contempt. One could say it was beaten into me nice and early in my life.

    In their mission to create a stato-bot, they created an anarchist instead. I only regret that it took me so long to realize that!

    I also enjoyed the deconstruction of Star Trek. I was never a Trekkie, but I watched it sometimes. Parts of it never quite sat right with me. I now have a better understanding of why that was.

    Good show, guys!

  2. I’m with Davi, I cheated constantly in school. I did exactly what Davi said in spelling, but I also helped others cheat in stuff I did well in, like history and government classes.
    I never believed it to be a moral issue. Who was being harmed? Not the teacher; he/she was the primary source of violence and theft in the room. If a person argues that I was harmed by my cheating, I would say their argument assumes someone else owns me other than me. After all, if I own me and I harm me, it’s no one business but mine.
    Even though I didn’t understand the philosophy at the time, I knew I was obliged to round every corner, cut through every fence, and break every lock that the schools placed in front of me.

    Great show tonight guys!

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