A bacon weave in every pot and two Bitcoin-powered flying cars in every garage! – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



Jack Johnson and Michael W. Dean tell it like it is and laugh their asses off in the process.

The Singularity Could Mean 1000 Years In Prison for your brain – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



MWD, Dianna Keiler and Christian Pablo explain why all technology is good until the State gets a hold of it.

Zombie MWD by Davi Barker.

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Dianna doing the show:

Michael Dean After Dark is a game show. The loser is the person who talks about tyranny the most.



Derrick J. joins MWD to talk about child rearing, Dr. Spock’s baby book, cops, non-coin Bitcoin spinoffs, and what it’s like to live with a bank robber. A good time is had by all.