The Singularity Could Mean 1000 Years In Prison for your brain – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive



MWD, Dianna Keiler and Christian Pablo explain why all technology is good until the State gets a hold of it.

Zombie MWD by Davi Barker.

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Dianna doing the show:

7 thoughts on “The Singularity Could Mean 1000 Years In Prison for your brain – Michael Dean After Dark radio archive”

  1. Hey Michael, I just heard your interview on School Sucks, and you mentioned something to the effect that your show is all about Liberty and not about Tyranny. So I pull up your site, expecting to find some positive energy to color my day, and this is the first post I see… barbed wire, camouflage, blood and guts… WTF!

    Don’t feel obliged to respond, just venting here… lol


    1. You’re judging a book by its cover. The episode itself is full of redemption.

      The image is illustrates one joke I made in the show. It’s also an inside joke to the title of the previous day’s episode and show title.


  2. Michael, I really don’t want to sound like a nag, but I think Jeffrey’s point re: libertarian “brutalism” is that he was criticizing libertarians who unduly emphasize the right to hate (to be racist, sexist), the right to separate themselves from groups of people they dislike, in contrast to emphasizing the much wider benefits of (essentially) lib-par. He was not saying that people shouldn’t have the right to be racists/sexists in lib-par, but rather that he was disturbed by libertarians who expend so much time focusing on those things rather than the societal good liberty could achieve.

    I agree with you that he was too vague; it seemed as though he was talking about a lot more people than he was. But on Facebook, there actually is a (small, but notable) selection of libertarians who seem *primarily* attracted to libertarianism because they see it as a rationalization for their own prejudicial hatred against certain groups.

    1. I’m not on Facebook. Not everyone who reads his articles is on Facebook. He should realize that.


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